New Projects
Download Vim3D Download Vim3D

Download the source for Vim3D.

Video Overview Video Overview

Video overview of Vim3D.

Camera curves Camera curves

A cool trick to create curves by simply moving the camera around.

Project 5 Project 5

Additions to Vim3D for project 5.

Home Home

vim3D has basic building tools available through commands much like the ones used in unix, but through the vi-style command line.

RayTracer Assignment RayTracer Assignment

Raytracer assignment.

Reflection Reflection

How to set up reflections in vim3D.

Computing Normals Computing Normals

Computing normals and smooth normals in vim3D.

Area Lights and Soft Shadows Area Lights and Soft Shadows

How to control area lights and soft shadows in vim3D.

Anti-aliasing Anti-aliasing

How to control the anti-aliasing settings in vim3D.

Normal Mapping Normal Mapping

How to render using Normal Maps in vim3D.

Texturing Texturing

How to texture objects in Vim3D.

Raytrace Raytrace

How to kick off a raytraced render in vim3D.

Refraction Refraction

How to set up refraction when rendering with Vim3D.


Some pictures from Vim3D's table at IEEE - CSUA DemoDay at UC Berkeley 2010.

Object Information Object Information

Display object information and properties.

Ray Tracing Journal Ray Tracing Journal

Ray Tracer Journal.

OpenGL Milestone OpenGL Milestone

The OpenGL assignment milestone.

OpenGL Assignment OpenGL Assignment

This is the page for assignment 3.

OpenGL Journal OpenGL Journal

Vim3D project

Revolve Revolve

How to revolve objects in Vim3D.

Geometry Geometry

Basic object parameters.

Lights Lights

Basic light parameters.